Micro RGB laser

Pocketsize, fibercoupled 1.5 W RGB laser module

For space saving, multicolor applications, our new MICRO-RGB with housing size 105 x 60 x 25 mm3 is a top solution. The intensity of all three color channels 450 nm, 525 nm and 638 nm can be controlled separately and independently up to 500 mW each, ex 50 µm fiber.An integrated TEC ensures long lifetime […]

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Indigo – an affordable modular and connected spectrometer

IndiGo : An affordable, modular spectrometer connected to a smartphone IndiGo is a totally new generation of visible spectrometers. It is a compact modular spectrometer connected in Bluetooth to a smartphone. It allows the user to measure emission, absorption or transmission spectra from 370 nm to 900 nm with a resolution of 5nm. IndiGo is […]

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maXee 3D microscopy

Relaxed Working with a Clear View on Brilliant 3D Images

Perfect Ergonomics for Your Quality Control and Production This product is offered with thank to our Partner Te Lintelo Systems Thanks to eye-friendly viewing of objects on the monitor: we can work in a relaxed posture. Digital 2D video microscopy is an immense progress from classic stereo microscopy due to the improved ergonomics. The systems […]

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Caspian for Microscope

Higher magnifications and a wider Field of View

New Development Kit for microscopy applications Click here to contact us for pricing and additional information. Learn more about this product and all of our liquid lense applications in our product brochure.

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New website for Excelitas

Explore the new Excelitas Technolgies’website redesigned to reflect the expanded technologies, brands and capabilities with inmproved navigation. Learn about the full breadth of optical solutions, including all optical elements and components of LINOS and  the broad array of X-Cite illumination solutions to meet your fluorescence application needs.Visit today

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Optem microscopy

Newly Extended SWIR Imaging Range Enables Industry 4.0

With the NEW addition of shortwave infrared (SWIR) compatible components. Optem FUSION now provides true polychromatic imaging performance across the key visible (400-700nm), NIR (700-1100nm) and SWIR (900-1700nm) wavebands. Due to the universal concept of the Optem FUSION micro-imaging lens system, optical solutions spanning 400–1700nm with optimized image sensors are now possible for the first […]

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Visuel gospectro spectrometer

Turn your smartphone into a portable spectrometer

THE SOLUTION: GOSPECTRO, PORTABLE SPECTROMETER The GoSpectro is a device that turns any smartphone or digital tablet equipped with a camera into an ultracompact and powerful light spectrometer. Sensitive over the entire visible range (400 nm – 750 nm), with a spectral resolution of 10 nm and reproducibility of 1 nm, GoSpectro allows the spectral […]

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Te Lintelo Systems and Vadeno Optical Solutions

Next step in our photonics future

Recently the companies Te Lintelo Systems in Zevenaar and Vadeno Optical Solutions in Apeldoorn have decided to start a long-term strategic cooperation. We both are professional in photonics business and research, together we have more than 45 years of experience. With this cooperation, we will have a broader knowledge and experience to help you with […]

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12,5 years anniversary

In 2006 we created a spin-off with the optical division of Radiometer Nederland and Vadeno Optical Solutions was founded. In July, 2018 this is 12,5 years ago and we are proud we have reached this milestone. From the beginning until today we have worked sucessfully with LINOS, -a brand of Qioptiq-. This is still one of our main […]

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Brilliance Across the Spectrum Excelitas Technologies® introduces the new X-Cite® XYLIS light source for fluorescence microscopy. The X-Cite XYLIS includes Excelitas’ patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive® and offers a rich, broad spectrum output from 360-750nm for exciting an extended range of fluorophores, with the advantages and simplicity of using LEDs. X-Cite XYLIS provides enhanced LED coverage […]

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