Photonic Optics

LED cold light sources

Powerful and energy efficient – with other LED cold light sources! Compared with a 150 W or 250 W halogen cold light source LED cold light source achieves a reduction in operating costs by up to 70 percent.

Our cold light sources are based on innovative LED technology, which are not only more powerful, but also in consumption than conventional halogen cold light sources.

If you need an intensive, infrared-free light, cold light sources.
Photonic Optics develops LED CLS  to guide the light with fiber optic components targeted to the object.

The application areas of cold light source can be found mainly in the fields of microscopy, Gross, Machine Vision, as a light source for industrial and medical endoscopy, and for all applications that require a flexible transport of light.

With our high-power LED cold light sources ZLED 4500 HIGH CRI, ZLED 9000 MV, ZLED CLS 6000 and ZLED CLS 9000 They work with light similar to daylight, which is much brighter than that of a 150 W or 250 W halogen cold light source. In addition, the LED cold light source at a lower color temperature drift.

Product Benefits

Our LED cold light sources consume 70% less energy than halogen cold light
sources and they protect the environment through lower CO2 emissions.

By adapter the cold light sources are suitable for all common optical fiber.
After 50,000 hours, the LED light output is still less than 70% with no clearly discernible differences in brightness. This changing of the bulb is completely eliminated.
Additional safety for the user: If the optical fiber removed during operation, turns the
Light off automatically.
Another benefit is the extremely quiet fan (sound power level 36 dB (A)).
The internal wide range power supply of 100-240 V is suitable for worldwide use.