Photonic Optics

NEW Dimension of Light

For renowned microscopy manufacturers this Know How makes PHOTONIC a sought-after light specialist. Our customers include all well-known companies in the light microscopy sector.

PHOTONIC’s comprehensive modular system for microscopy includes light sources for almost every task and is compatible with all common microscopes.

The LED product line for direct object illumination was developed by PHOTONIC in particular for illumination tasks in stereo microscopy. The modularity of the system permits an expandable and cost-effective lighting solution. In contrast to this direct illumination are fibre-optic light sources, which transport light to the object by means of light guides

The new Photonic LED light source F3000 has been developed for
routine and high end microscopy applications. It is compatible
with all fibre optic light guides in the Photonic range and outperforms
a 150W halogen light source in terms of luminosity.
The robust metal housing is designed for stable operation with
gooseneck light guides and stacking stability.
Brighter than a 150 W halogen light source
Extended service life of approx. 30,000 h (70% of the output brightness), no lamp replacement required
(no servicing costs, no storage costs for spare lamps)
70% energy savings
Color temperature: 5,800 K (can be adjusted in direction of halogen light using filter)
Electronic shutter function
Continuously variable luminance control
LCD display
All settings (luminance, shutter/strobe parameters)
easily configurable
Robust, stable metallic housing
Stable positioning with gooseneck arms light guides
Vertical positioning possible, stackable
Quiet fan
The device can be controlled via USB and foot switch
Automatic shutdown of LEDs when light guide removed
Complete light guide range available (flexible and gooseneck light guides, focussable ringlights, backlights)
Global use through wide-range power pack