Vadeno Optical Solutions: leading technologies for Photonicss

Vadeno Optical Solutions is a distributor of state-of-the-art products in the field; optical components, cameras, lasers, Raman-spectrometers, motion control and software. You can count on Vadeno to plan, design, develop and produce the most demanding optical systems exactly to your specifications.

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From our suppliers in Germany we offer superior optics for exceptional performance, together with precision optomechanics for exacting photonics integration. In our portfolio we also include Laseroptics, Machine Vision Lenses, Zoom and microscope lenses Qioptiq helps our customer by assembling the catalog components for specific applications.

Lightsources - Lasers and LEDS

From several sources we provide a wide variety of laser types, in wavelength from 266 nm to 6000 nm. We provide the xenon fiber light sources and LED lightsources as well as the classic broadband light sources in addition to monochromatic laser light sources. Next to the light sources we offer the detectors and laser power sensors.

Spectrometers and cameras

With our partner Te Lintelo Systems, we offer the brand Wasatch Photonics for Raman, the advantages are: -Analytical grade data at a compact system price -> 10x greater sensitivity – take high quality Raman spectra over 10x times faster -Trace-level limit of detection – 20x improvement in LoD for fluorescence or Raman -Superior stray light suppression for high SNR – transmissive grating design -High thermal stability & unit-to-unit reproducibility – ideal for OEMs