New Microbench Brochure – Now available

The LINOS Microbench™ system has been providing optical solutions for over 50 years. On this occasion, we are particularly pleased to present you a new edition of our Application brochure for LINOS bench systems.

 Our primary focus is to provide you with a clear overview of the various systems as well as their compatibility with one another. Numerous photographs illustrate the variety of applications and setups, providing useful solutions for your applications.
Furthermore, this edition also contains our latest product offerings. For the first time we introduce our series of Q-Sets, compact optical subsystems built from standard catalog components. In addition, the brochure highlights the inter-compatibility of the LINOS Microbench™ with Qioptiq light sources and laser systems as well as Excelitas detectors.
Last but not least, you will find an application example in which the Microbench™ system enabled the rapid development of a complex optical measurement device – a flow cytometer prototype.
Download new Microbench Brochure here