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Introducing the L6Cc: Your Ultimate Multicolor Laser Solution

Discover the L6Cc, a revolutionary all-in-one multicolor laser source designed to redefine versatility in your research or industrial applications. Compact yet powerful, it boasts up to 7 laser lines and supports delivery through up to 4 optical fiber outputs, offering unparalleled flexibility.
Crafted with a modular design, the L6Cc accommodates a wide range of lasers, ranging from 375 to 1064 nm, with output power reaching up to 500 mW. Whether sourced from Oxxius LaserBoxx or other reputable manufacturers, rest assured of exceptional quality and performance.

Take your experimentation to new heights with extension modules that deliver advanced functionalities. From fast switching output ports for FRAP to adjustable split power for light sheet microscopy, the possibilities are endless. What’s more, the L6Cc is field upgradeable, ensuring it evolves seamlessly alongside your needs while safeguarding your investment.
Controlled by cutting-edge microprocessors, these lasers offer unique features tailored to meet the demands of even the most challenging applications. Choose between turnkey or OEM versions to suit your specific requirements.
Elevate your work with the L6Cc—where innovation meets flexibility.