Linos Achromats

Reliable components for demanding OEM applications

 The LINOS Achromates are distinguished by their outstanding design and the consistently high manufacturing competence of this sophisticated optical system. Superior is the correction of the spherical aberration. As a result, the LINOS achromats are ideally suited for monochromatic focusing or collimation with minimal deformation of the wavefront, for example with laser light.

With the design of the LINOS Achromate, the coma is optimized in the area near the axis – the optics become less sensitive to small tipping. Your benefit: Time gain in quick adjustment! All LINOS achromats are laser-centered and subject to strict quality control of the surface shape. Especially as an OEM component, this guarantees a consistently high imaging quality very close to the theoretical diffraction limit.

Your advantages through the use of LINOS achromats:

• High efficiency in light coupling due to minimal spherical aberration
• Consistent quality through the use of branded lenses
• Fast adjustment due to narrow focal length tolerance and coma correction