Varioptic introduces a new Liquid Lens with incresased opterating temerature range

Varioptic is proud to introduce you its latest Liquid Lens, the Arctic 25H , with an improved operating temperature range, from -30°C to +85°C instead of -20°C to +60°C on the previous model, the Arctic 316.

 This lens has been designed specifically for harsh environment applications, such as Automotive, and also ultra-compact camera systems, where internal heating can lead to relatively high operating temperatures. With the latest improvements on Liquid Lens technology, the Arctic 25H exceeds or equals the performance of Arctic 316 on all parameters. The new lens is of course fully compatible with its predecessor, mechanically, electrically, and has the same optical performance.

The Arctic 25H will be available with several Anti-Reflective coating options: A-25H0 (visible AR coating), A-25H1 (Near Infrared Coating), A-25H9 (no AR Coating) MADS_-_160429_-_Arctic_25H_family