New: Laser dyes from Exciton

Per March 2016 we can offer the Laser dyes from Exciton for Belgium and The Netherlands

 Exciton has invested in complementary technologies of

•  highly fluorescent dyes, including laser dyes, and
•  selective absorber dyes, including infrared absorbing dyes for laser filters

In addition, Exciton carries out contract R&D for both fluorescent and absorber dyes and dye stabilizers for applications ranging from fluorescent tags, to OLEDs, to neon cut filters, to color gamut filters, to optical recording media, to telecommunications materials.

Exciton excels in the production of high purity dyes. High purity is critical in laser dyes for maximizing dye laser output, in sensitizing dyes for photolithographic applications, and in absorbing dyes where impurities can lead to losses in luminous transmission or may introduce haze or scattering in laser filters. Furthermore, Exciton works with, and produces high thermal stability dyes for, polycarbonate molders who produce the highest optical quality filters.

Exciton’s facilities include both glass and stainless steel reactors for the production of dye intermediates and dyes, as well as associated products, such as quadricyclane, which are produced by a photochemical process.

Let Exciton apply its proprietary art in dye technology to your fluorescent or absorber application.