New iFlex Laser Brochure

High-Performance Laser Systems for Scientific, Analytical and Metrology Applications

 The iFLEX® family of laser technology includes the high
performance iFLEX-iRIS™ laser series and the ultra-stable,
multi-wavelength laser engine series of iFLEX-Gemini™
and iFLEX-Viper®.

Combine iFLEX lasers with the kineFLEX® single-mode
fiber optics manufactured by Qioptiq, to create the
world’s most stable fiber coupled lasers.
With over 25 years of experience delivering marketleading
technology, Qioptiq continues to support
customers with demanding applications in semicon,
biotech, analytical and industry, through
new innovations in iFLEX laser technology.

iFLEX® Laser Brochure – Now available