Excelitas Technologies Releases New LED Illuminator for Microscopy

Excelitas Technologies® Corp. today announced the availability of X-Cite® TURBO, a new multi-wavelength LED fluorescence illuminator for microscopy imaging and detection applications. Featuring Excelitas Technologies’ patent-pending LaserLED Hybrid DriveTM, X-Cite TURBO provides maximum excitation power for all standard color wavelengths, including the ever-popular yellow excitation band.

 As the latest offering in Excelitas’ suite of X-Cite solutions, the newX-Cite TURBO enables precise control by balancing illumination intensities between six popular wavelengths to protect samples from photodamage. OEMs and microscopists are able to define the exact bandwidth of light desired to reach the fluorophore for maximum excitation efficiency.  X-Cite TURBO enables individual or simultaneous excitation of all fluorophores ranging from DAPI to Cy5, or fluorescence proteins from CFP to mCherry making it suitable for conducting a variety of live or fixed-cell imaging and detection experiments.
“Our new high-powered, fast-switching X-Cite TURBO is built on the superior performance of our current X-Cite light sources, combined with our innovative LaserLED Hybrid Drive to offer an extraordinary illumination solution,” stated Oliver Scheuss, Vice President of Solid State Lighting and UV/Microscopy at Excelitas Technologies. “With the flexibility to use up to six channels from the LaserLED Hybrid Drive with fine intensity control, researchers are able to excite all their flourophores with a single solution.”
X-Cite TURBO also features the valuable benefits of LED technology such as long-lifetimes, mercury-free operation, virtually zero maintenance and instant on/off capabilities. Additionally, the intensity of each of the six LEDs can be controlled independently through analog signals or PC control interface. For more information, please